What do you think of when you see mountains? Majestic is one word that comes to my mind. They look majestic, but also God must be Majestic to have created them. We don’t have mountains in the state of Iowa where I now live, but I used to live in Washington state and before that in Montana, both of which had mountains.

One day in 1972, as our family was driving over mountains, I held my two-year-old on my lap and sang “Pass It On” (written by Kurt Kaiser. You can hear it at this address:

He kept wanting me to “sing it again, Mommy” until we’d done it ten times. The third verse talks about shouting “from a mountaintop….” Since I loved singing this meaningful song to my precious child, it’s a happy memory of a “mountaintop experience.”   Another song I like about mountaintop experiences is “God on the Mountain” sung by Lynda Randle. It was written by Tracy Dartt. (You can see and hear it at this address:


My “mountain” or “valley” is sometimes just in my own head. If I’m feeling “up,” then I’m on the mountain. And when I’m feeling “down,” I’m in a valley. Like the songs say, sometimes I feel like shouting the news from a mountaintop that Jesus, in his love, has come to rescue me. Other times, when I’m “down in the valley,” I need to remind myself that the God I knew on a mountain is the same one who is with me in the dark night of the soul.

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