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Reviews of Songs & Poems from a Yielded Heart

Songs & Poems from a Yielded Heart by Judith Vander Wege is a collection of the author’s original Christian poetry, many of which are lyrical and can be sung comfortably as hymns. The pieces are written in the free-form style and where some have very pronounced rhyme schemes, others are held together with a more metrical pattern to connect one stanza to the next. The works also vary in tone, tenor, and length, like the short and punchy Poems Are, with its five verses succinctly describing how Vander Wege feels writing it, to the more narrative Inadequacy to Glory, where scripture is embedded in a conversation between its narrator and God through passages of the Bible.

It’s clear that Judith Vander Wege has a passion for writing and this is showcased in Songs & Poems from a Yielded Heart. I connected to her work most deeply when it was uplifting and encouraging. The standout for me in this regard is Love Makes Me Soar. The context is the love between God and the narrator, with verses that are so beautifully composed they truly do sing. “Love broke the fetters and let me go free. Love touched my life for a short, sweet time. Love gave me reason to be.” As someone who grew up in a family with a Baptist Minister, I found others were less inspirational, and had hints of fire and brimstone, such as the poems I Cannot Come and Regarding a Loved One. Even here, the passion of the poet is clear and she allows her heart to be opened through profound honesty and unshakeable faith.

– Jamie Michele, Reader’s Favorite

Inspired by the difficult emotional experiences she had endured, Judith Vander Wege wrote her heart out through songs and poems. After noticing the popularity of her pieces in Christian periodicals, she compiled them into Songs and Poems from a Yielded Heart. It is an extensive collection of material that is all about the Almighty, although the sentiment varies with each piece.

Reading Judith Vander Wege’s book was such a treat that it genuinely felt as if my soul was being fed comfort food. Each piece elicited my emotions and tapped into other significant feelings as well. They all had me praising, admiring, appreciating, and loving God more from the first poem. It also made me feel inspired and hopeful. This is a worthwhile read and will make you think about your faith. Some poems made a strong impression, and they brought me back to the basis of my belief in God. It helped me answer the burning question of whether I was doing my part as a follower. There were also some realizations and enlightenment. I felt that the book guided me emotionally and spiritually until the very last poem. I liked this collection very much. Songs and Poems from a Yielded Heart should be added to your list of books to read next.

– Trisha Dawn, Reader’s Favorite

Reviews of Rescued by God’s Mercy

I absolutely loved Rescued by God’s Mercy! This book is an incredible resource for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with God and experience his merciful love in their lives. The author’s use of the book of Isaiah to explain God’s desire for us is truly inspired, and I found myself moved to tears as I read about God’s compassion and love for us.

What sets this book apart from other spiritual books I’ve read is the author’s clear and accessible writing style. She makes complex theological concepts easy to understand and applies them to real-life situations that we all face. I appreciated the practical tips and advice she provides for building a closer relationship with God, and I know that I will be referring back to this book time and again.

Overall, I highly recommend Rescued by God’s Mercy to anyone seeking to deepen their faith and experience God’s love and mercy in a profound way. This book Is a true gift, and I am grateful to the author for sharing her insights and wisdom with us.

– Reviewer from the United Kingdom on 9 March 2023

Reviews of Forever Hopeful

Hi Judy,

I read this book of Paul’s last night. It was so fun to read. I love it when things get settled quickly instead of going on and on to get there. I enjoyed all the conversations of the kids and appreciated how well the Gospel was shared and received. I identified with being in a good youth group like theirs in my teen years. That made a good impact on my life. Obviously, Paul knew kids from his years of teaching. Thanks for sharing this book. You had a good husband!

Love, Alice

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