Lifechanging Encounter with Christ, Post #7

          Yes, the Lord loves to forgive, as Post #6 emphasized. But people often don’t know they need forgiveness until they have an encounter with God. The prophet Isaiah had a dramatic encounter with God.     … Continued

Rebellion Against Love (#6)

  July 17th.  Blog #5 told about my repentance, thirst for scriptures, and new appreciation for Father God. Here is Blog post #6. Rebellion Against Love           Now that I was closer to my heavenly Father, I … Continued

Broken and Restored (#5)

July 10 post left me forgiven but still confused. Here is #5 Broken and Restored,  Blog # 5 of How God Rescues Us From Our Messes           One of the members of my new church decided … Continued

Questions and Confusion (#4)

How God Rescues Us From Our Messes July 10: (July 5th’s post left me in quicksand. Here’s #4 in the series:):                According to, the best way to get out of quicksand is … Continued

Into the Slimy Pit (#3)

((#3 in series, How God Rescues Us From Our Messes) God is merciful, even through our trials. He tried to prevent me from falling into my messy pit. If I had trusted him better, perhaps I could have saved myself … Continued

Out of Tune: (How God Rescues Us From Our Messes #2)

Tune me up, Lord. Bring every part of my being into harmony with your heart and mind. Play your beautiful music through me to express your love, drawing others into your heart. May I, in tune with you, speak healing … Continued

How God Rescues Us From Our Messes: Introductory Post on Mercy Series

Oh wow! that’s me! I thought, gripped by the Isaiah verse listed below. (This was in 1982). Satan had tricked me and I had fallen into an emotional pit which made a mess of my life. As I reread this verse and … Continued

Freedom: From What? To What?

We are blessed to live in a free country, and soon we will celebrate our Independence Day. But we are even more blessed if we are also free in Christ. What does that mean? Perhaps this Bible Reading plan for … Continued

Because Jesus lives in us, we can bear fruit

Topical Bible-Reading Plan for June: Fruit of the Spirit (You may print out this page and use it for your daily Bible reading.)  I encourage you to meditate on these verses. Ask the Holy Spirit what He’d like to tell you in … Continued

Topical Bible-Reading for May: Faith

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Topical Bible-Reading for May: Faith Faith is trust and confidence in who God is and what he has said and done. “By grace, [the unmerited love of God] you have been saved [from eternal punishment], through faith [in Jesus Christ],” … Continued