Utter Worthy, Not Worthless Words

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Therefore this is what the Lord says:

If you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me; 

If you utter worthy, not worthless, words,

you will be my spokesman,”

(Jeremiah 15:19, NIV).

Seven years ago, I wrote a blog about how this verse impacted my heart. It had been my heart’s desire to write messages from God that would help people relate to him properly. I’d wanted to be one of God’s spokesmen as a writer since 1980 when I enrolled in a correspondence course taught by Norman Rohrer.

Soon I began to sell devotionals and articles. But then emotional and situational turmoils, including divorce and other agonies, interfered. I felt “robbed and plundered and trapped in holes with no one to rescue;” (Isaiah 42:22, RSV). This left me bitter, feeling God had abandoned me. I made wrong choices and my life became a mess.

Isaiah 42:22 and the whole book of Isaiah were instrumental in God’s rescue and healing of me. The above verse from Jeremiah also had a part in this. After I’d experienced much of the healing, I realized as I read Jeremiah 15:19, that if I still held resentment and bitterness in my heart, it would come out as “worthless” words. I needed to pray for more cleansing of my attitudes so “Precious” or “Worthy” words would come out rather than worthless ones.

After many years and about 300 short manuscripts published, I felt led to write my first book, Rescued by God’s Mercy, about this period of my life and how God brought me back into intimate fellowship with himself.

I felt the book of Isaiah had taught me much about how my heavenly Father feels and acts, so I also wrote a “parable” about how God must feel about his rebellious children. This book is called The Runaway.

Then I gathered the poems I’d had published in Sunday School papers, along with several songs I’d written, and published Songs & Poems From a Yielded Heart. Most of these were prayers coming out of my emotional stress through the years.

Lastly (up to date) I gathered many of the 300 short manuscripts and published them as Blessed Through the Years, a Compilation of Short Stories and Articles.

My next book will be about the “I Am” statements of Jesus Christ. Later I hope to have published a children’s book, a teen novel, and maybe an adult novel.

I hope God is using me as one of his spokespersons. If so, these words will impact readers’ hearts.


The Spokesman 

Assailed by inadequacies, I wonder,

How can I do anything effectively?

Yet, the stars and all creation

praise You without a voice.

Moses, assailed by inadequacies, spoke

because You, Almighty God, made his voice and called him.

Flawed disciples, filled with your Holy Spirit, spoke inspired truths.

Lord, You are the potter,

not limited by our imperfections.

You carefully work the clay, heat, refine, beautify, perfect.

I am your vessel, Lord. You have called me.

You have given me Your Holy Spirit.

Therefore, speak through this vessel

as You have ordained.


Judith Vander Wege

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