Little Splashes of Joy

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Little Splashes of Joy

It is a somber day…

Oh the sun is shining, sure enough. I know I should feel more cheerful since the temperature has risen from 20 degrees to 70 degrees in two days. The warmth is welcome after the long, hard Iowa winter. It would be sinful not to take advantage of the good weather by taking a long walk outside.

My body needs it. So I force myself to go. I feel so tired after that bad cold. Besides, what’s the use? I’ve tried for years to lose weight, and have lost very few pounds even after getting on a good diet and exercise program. I feel so old. Why should I keep trying at my age, anyway? (Because I want to get my belly flat before my son’s wedding so I can look nice in my new dress. Yet, who cares whether I look nice or not?)

Like I say, it feels like a somber day. Discouragement over the political situation, the world situation of war, poverty, crime and abuse weigh me down. Do my prayers even make a difference?

I’ve just mailed several birthday cards to grandchildren who never write back. Does anyone even care? At least my husband does. Thank God for him, or I’d disappear into the grayness. I picture the scene on canvas—tones of gray with a pale yellow sun at the top. Layers of darker gray procede down the canvas to envelop the lone figure walking—automatically taking step after step.


as if carefully placed there by the master artist–

a little splash of color appears.

A little girl, dressed in bright colors, rides a matching brightly-colored bicycle. She rides in front of me into a driveway. She turns a sweet face toward me and I smile at her. It is easy to smile at children—they are so precious and trusting. “You sure ride that bike well” I mention. It seems she is riding away, but she comes back and begins talking.

“My Daddy put up a trampoline for us. Only two can go in at a time. Daddy and Mommy gave me my bike for Christmas. I’m in kindergarten.” As she chatters away, the grayness grows lighter. My heart begins to sing praise to the Lord for this splash of joy on the canvas of my life.

So…if you feel depressed, take a walk. Maybe God will send you a little splash of joy. And that joy will give you strength to keep going. Remember that little song from Sunday School days that comes from Nehemiah 8:10? (“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”) You can find it on YouTube at: Maybe you can also be a splash of joy to another.

Thank you, Lord,for little splashes of joy.

By Judith Vander Wege

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