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The Other Day, I read the following review which warmed my heart.

It is about my recently published book, Songs & Poems From a

Yielded Heart. I don’t know this person, but I’m grateful for what she said:

“Poetry is the best way for us to sing God’s praises because, through
this literary genre, the message of gratitude and joy we send is
uplifting and heartwarming. After much searching, I finally found a
poetic collection that effectively conveys this message. If you, too,
are looking for a great book inspired by one of the most precious
things we have (our faith), I recommend reading Songs & Poems
from a Yielded Heart by Judith Vander Wege. Here, the author
collects many beautiful poems dedicated to God; among them, you
will find some based on the Psalms and others composed in song
Songs & Poems from a Yielded Heart is a book that all believers will
appreciate both for its message and the wonderful way Judith
Vander Wege conveys it. What struck me the most while reading
was the sincere and spontaneous way the author expressed her
feelings. You really feel her emotions as you read these lines,
especially since the poems are written in a way that is easy to
understand. Above all, the joy with which Vander Wege thanks God
is infectious, and I must say that reading these poems has put me
in a good mood and made me more optimistic. My hope is that
many other readers will have the same experience as I did when
reading this book. I recommend Songs & Poems from a Yielded
Heart to anyone who believes in God and wishes to feel closer to
Him through the words and lines of another believer. It is an
experience you will not regret.

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite


I’d like to close with a short video of one of the songs in this book.


I Love You, Lord

I love you, Lord. You’re mine forever. You’re my Redeemer, King and friend.

You’ve paid the price; your blood has saved me. You gave me life that will never end.

You’ll never leave; You’ll hold me tight. The devil’s lost, you have won the fight.

What now my Lord? What shall I do to let you know how much I love you?


You gave me peace that I can’t fathom, an inner joy in the midst of pain.

I want to be your chosen vessel. “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

You’ll lead me on o’er land and sea. To be with you is where I want to be.

I love you, Lord. I’ll yield to you. A yielded life shows that I love You.


Words and music by Judith Vander Wege

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