Song for a Rainy Day

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Holy Spirit, Dwell In Me

Holy Spirit, dwell in me with your gracious love divine.
Cleanse each sinful, prideful thought that afflicts this soul of mine.
Lead me now to know the will of my Savior and my Lord.
May I ever live for Christ, God the Son, whom I’ve adored.

Lord and giver of new life, who proceeds from Father/Son,
I will praise you all my days; you make known the Risen One.
You’re my helper, counselor, comforter in all my strife.
You give strength to overcome, pow’r to live abundant life.

When I leave this troubled earth, I’ll receive what you’ve begun.
You’re the guarantee for me that I’ll win this race Christ won.
Hallellujah, Holy Ghost! Thanks for helping me to pray.
Grow your fruit abundantly, bearing witness to The Way.

Lord, I yield my life to you. Help me worship God aright.
Draw my loved ones to my Lord. Give them health, restore their sight.
Let them see Christ is God’s Word. Quench their thirst, show them the Way.
May your peace, as seen in me, give them faith to never stray.

—Words and music by Judith Vander Wege 2011

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