Beauty of Creation Shows God’s Love

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Over the past two weeks, I’ve been impressed many times by the beauty of Creation. I believe this beauty shows God’s love for us. Below, you can see many photos of this:

1. Before we left on our trip, the tulips in our yard were gorgeous, and the white blossoms on our apple trees promised another good harvest.


Our tulips







2. We rode a train for 41 1/2 hours west from Omaha to California, experiencing different types of scenery from farm country to beautifully rugged Colorado with its lovely wildflowers and cattle ranches to the fascinating rimrock formations of Utah over the desert and salt flats to the majestic Sierra-Nevada mountains to the San Joaquin Valley and lovely date palms and almond trees of California.

DSCF2737                                                                                                   DSCF2746DSCF2751

3.  My son’s wedding showed the beauty of creation in the happy bride and groom and their four children now blended into a family. With those two tall, strong grandsons of noble character plus a new younger grandson and new younger granddaughter, I indeed feel very blessed.


Toby & Brandy Stime

Matthew & Jacob Stime

Matt, Gavin, Brandy, Toby, Jake
Matt, Gavin, Brandy, Toby, Jake04-DSCF2781-001

Avery, my new granddaughter

4. My other son and his wife have a three-year-old daughter named Maia. What a joy to see her again after seeing her only twice, once at two months and once at 20 months. I had the joy of beginning to build a relationship with her knowing she might remember me this time. She is so precious to me! Children are so fun to watch at that age, and we had a lovely time jump together and reading together.

        Maia Daniella Stime                     03-DSCF2779

My cute daughter, Anji

I also saw

my daughter,


and her






5. The beauty of theTulip Festival greeted us when we returned home, even though the tulips

were past their greatest beauty for this year. However, I got several nice pictures, which you

can see below. The night show presented this year was West Side Story.4-DSCF2839









6. Another kind of beauty, the beauty of God’s Word, was emphasized at the Gideon’s auxiliary luncheon on Tuesday.

7. That evening, we were reminded again of the beauty of America as my husband and I sang patriotic songs (like America the Beautiful) at the retirement home here in town. Also, our yard and Orange City in general are lush and green because of recent rains.


36-images for writing #6


But the greatest beauty of all is God’s loving presence and forgiveness. Although Satan has been able to mar much of America’s beauty (through humans’ choice), God is ultimately in control. For those who choose relationships with him, he makes life beautiful–not always easy or pleasant, but beautiful because of the peace and joy of forgiveness which he gives us through his Son, Jesus Christ.


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Judy on Mother's Day, 2016

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    Great job Judy, Glad your trip was full of great memories.

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