My Landscaper Beautifies My Life

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01-DSCF2895 My sweet husband took note of the fact that my view out the kitchen window (while doing dishes) was a little bleak. I could see an old lamppost and a birdfeeder hanging on a clotheslines pole.

I enjoyed watching the birds, when they came. But he decided I needed more beauty to look at. He   spent much time this spring digging out the cement foundation of the clothesline pole. Then he dug out the sod around it and lay border blocks.

This picture shows he is half done, then the following pictures show the progress and different views of the completed garden. I told him I love being married to a landscaper. He beautifies my life.


















I’m almost thinking I might quit using the dishwasher as much so I can spend time at the sink doing dishes, just so I can gaze out at my beautiful garden.

When I go on my walks, I appreciate the beauty along my favorite route, too, and realize God and my husband have some things in common. Like my husband Paul, God does nice things for us–just because he loves us. I see the beauty of nature all around us in this beautiful town. I like the green trees and green grass, flowers other people plant in their gardens, gentle breezes, blue sky, fluffy white clouds and other types of beauty like music and loved ones, and the list could go on and on. All he wants in return is for us to love him in return and be grateful.



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