Is It Wise?

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I’ve been accused of being judgmental because of my belief that it is not wise to drink alcoholic beverages. Stating a belief is not the same as “being judgmental” is it? I guess it depends on how one says it. One of the dictionary definitions of judgment is “the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing.”

Therefore, after “discerning and comparing” facts and situations, including personal experiences, it is my judgment that it is not wise for people to drink alcoholic beverages.

I’d like to share with you a few of my reasons:

  • alcohol damages brain cells.
  • alcohol feeds cancer.
  • alcohol is often addicting. This can happen either from the first drink or gradually over a period of time of social drinking.
    • When addicted, the person often suffers lack of control and may be arrested for driving under the inluence, or may have an accident, or may lose a job or other problems. Also family members often suffer in many ways (through neglect of relationships, fear of accidents or abuse, actual personal harm and danger, embarrassment, economic or financial problems, lack of trust, breaking of promises, etc.)
  • Even if a person never gets drunk, social drinking can damage one’s relationships and their infuence over children or grandchildren. When children see adults, whom they admire, drinking, it is like telling them it is okay. Then they are likely to drink also, and perhaps it may cause a problem in their lives.

It is more loving for one to abstain from alcohol than to take a chance on hurting someone by drinking, or to cause someone else to have a problem with it. Children learn to do what their parents or other loved ones do. Besides, alcohol can dull a person’s mind so that he or she may not be the wisest of parents in some situations.

Below are some links I found to learn more re social drinking of alcohol:


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