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What is the single most important thing you want to know?

Life is full of questions…especially concerning what God is doing in our lives. Perhaps we’ve gone through a lot of tough things like heartache, illness, tragedies. People don’t treat us right or ignore us. Why is God allowing this?

“I am not skilled to understand what God has willed, what God has planned” says the song below by Aaron Shust. These words (with Aaron’s addition of a chorus) were first written in the 1800s by Dora Greenwell. He turned it into a contemporary song. That just shows that truth is for all times.

One thing I want to emphasize is that God does not cause the evil things that happen to us. They happen partly because we live in a sinful world, and partly because we are sinful. God is good; God is love; God wants what is best for us. Yes, God is all-powerful, but if he always took away the consequences of our sin, we’d be left as sinners. He wants to transform us, to make us the best we can be through Christ.

At the “end of the age” God will take away all the evil in the world, but the day that happens there will be no more opportunity for people to be saved. Meanwhile, he is calling for sinners to repent and ask Jesus Christ, his Son, to be their Savior. This may be a silly example, but I keep thinking of salvation as God’s umbrella over us to protect us from the rain of the evil one. If we refuse to come under that umbrella, how can we avoid being hit by that evil rain?

The wonderful song by Aaron Shust, “My Savior, My God,” tells what is most important to understand. Listen to him.

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