Gems From My Clutter

Because I’m a writer, I like words. I save words, relish words, try to find the best words, and did I say–save words? LIttle and big scraps of paper cluttered my entire desktop, filled drawers, and covered a good section of my office floor until a couple days ago when I finally managed to get it back to a reasonable level of organization.

I’d like to share with you some of the gems I found in my clutter:

  1. Quotes from Rich Mullins: He thinks God was saying to Adam and Eve (when he told them not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, “You can know me or you can know everything else.” The serpent tempted them to want to be like God, knowing good and evil. After they sinned, God told them the consequences of their sin, but he also gave them the promise that eventually, one of their offspring would defeat Satan, (Genesis 3:15). That offspring was Jesus Christ and he did defeat Satan by his death and resurrection. Because of that, Rich Mullins said, “God takes the junk of our lives and he makes the greatest art in the world out of it.”

Here’s a song by Rich Mullins which expresses the greatness of God:

(If clicking on it doesn’t work, copy and paste the address in address bar.

Then watch for another episode of “Gems from my clutter.”)


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