How God Rescues Us From Our Messes: Introductory Post on Mercy Series

Oh wow! that’s me! I thought, gripped by the Isaiah verse listed below. (This was in 1982). Satan had tricked me and I had fallen into an emotional pit which made a mess of my life. As I reread this verse and others in Isaiah, I began to believe — maybe God does understand me and care about me after all.

“What a sight these people are…robbed, enslaved, imprisoned, trapped, fair game for all, with no one to protect them,” (Isaiah 42:22, TLB)

Gradually, I learned more about God’s mercy as he began to draw me back into his heart. The book of Isaiah became instrumental to help me change and grow, to become more intimate with Almighty God who forgave me, rescued me, and restored me to the relationship with himself.

Meanwhile, I learned about others who were also deceived and living in emotional pits. I wanted to share with them how God can restore us to spiritual and emotional health, to intimacy with Himself through his mercy and grace.

This post introduces a series of devotions about God’s mercy. I hope these posts will help you embrace God’s mercy in a deeper way and lead you to a wholehearted trust in God.

Mercy is when God forgives us, rescues us

from the messes we’ve made, and lovingly restores us.


Grace is when he gives us the undeserved gift of relationship with himself.


Here is the link to a  song about our merciful Savior:

                                                                                                               ___Judith Vander Wege, June 28, 2018

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