Review and Summary of How God Rescues From Messes (1-14) #15

This is #15 in a blog series called How God Rescues from Messes. 

Mercy is when God forgives us, rescues us from the messes we’ve made, and lovingly restores us.

Since the book of Isaiah became so meaningful to me in helping me realize God really did love me, I wanted to write a book about God’s Mercy and explaining the truths I learned through my struggles. These blogs may be steps toward that goal. This one is basically a summary of blogs 1-14.

In previous blogs, I told how God rescued me by his mercy after I was deceived and trapped by Satan, or in other words “robbed and plundered and trapped in holes,” (Isa. 42;22, RSV). It is easy to get deceived if we are not trusting God fully and putting Jesus first in our lives. When we are out of tune with the Lord, Satan can easily push us into a pit. This brought me a lot of questions and confusion.

God sent a friend who recommended a seminar, at which my heart “broke at the things that break God’s heart.” I saw how much rebellion hurts God, even if it is subtle. After repentance, I had an encounter with Jesus that helped me trust him more. But the consequences of my sin continued, and I went through a second divorce.

In the grief of another failure, I thirsted for God’s Word. I studied Isaiah deeply and read five Psalms a day plus other parts of scripture. I discovered that the intimate relationship with God is the abundant life which I’d been longing for.. God gave me peace, as I learned he can be trusted. God shined the light of his love into my heart again, as he had when I was a child. I was humbled and grateful when I realized his merciful discipline could have been much worse. The afflictions I’d suffered taught me to obey God’s Word.

When I studied God’s Word more, I noticed that it seemed like a giant puzzle revealing God’s plan of redemption (salvation). God taught his people throughout the whole Bible how merciful He is.

That’s the summary of posts #1-14. For the next several, I will talk about trust and spiritual growth.

Continued August 21 (and hopefully each Tuesday and Thursday)

Meanwhile, here’s a video song about peace in Christ:

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