The Light of the World #38

#38 for November 13, 2018

God’s Chosen Servant is the Light

Isaiah proclaimed that the Messiah would show God to the world. He would have the Holy Spirit of God Almighty upon him and bring forth justice in his quiet, faithful way.

The first of Isaiah’s “servant songs,” (Isaiah 42:1-9), describes the ministry of this ideal Servant who will bring relief for the oppressed:

“I the Lord have called you to demonstrate my righteousness,…You shall be a light to guide the nations unto me. You will open the eyes of the blind, and release those who sit in prison darkness and despair.” (6-7, LB).

This Servant/Messiah is given “as a covenant to the people, a light” to guide people from all nations to God. The Lord called the Messiah, Jesus) to be the Light. He is the fulfillment of these verses:

  • “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; Psalm 119:105, John.1:1-12, 8:12).
  • God sends the Servant as a light to the nations, “that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth,” (Isa.49:6, and Isa. 9:2).
  • “The Lord will be your everlasting light,”(Isaiah 60:19, Rev. 21:23).
  • “God is light and in him is no darkness at all,” (1 John 1:5).

Sadly, even if we know Jesus the Light, we may not always choose to walk in the light, but may let our old natures get the upper hand. Then blindness may afflict us. Satan may deceive us and we may fall into his traps. This is a consequence of rebellion.

Yet, even then, God promises to lead us and guide, and “turn the darkness before them into light… He will not forsake them,” (Isaiah 42:16).

God spoke these words through Isaiah specifically to exiled Israel. But by the Holy Spirit, He also impressed them upon my heart: “Who is blind but my servant?… like the one committed to me?”  I’d thought I was committed to him. Yet, I had blindly followed the deceiver.

Through the law given to Israel, God had planned to show the world he is righteous. Maybe this had been his plan for me, also. The Living Bible says it this way: 

“But what a sight his people are — these who were to demonstrate to all the world the glory of his law; for they are robbed, enslaved, imprisoned, trapped, fair game for all, with no one to protect them. Won’t even one of you apply these lessons from the past and see the ruin that awaits you up ahead?” (Isaiah 42:22-23 LB).

The Living Bible continues: “Who let Israel be robbed and hurt? Did not the Lord? It is the Lord they sinned against, for they would not go where he sent them nor listen to his laws. That is why God poured out such fury and wrath on his people and destroyed them in battle. Yet, though set on fire and burned, they will not understand the reason why—that it is God, wanting them to repent,”(Isa. 42:24-25 LB).

to be continued:

Judith Vander Wege

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