Christmas Preparations Include Naps (2)

Article from Dec. 2017–reprinted Dec. 20, 2018
Naps seem to be a most important part of my Christmas preparations.

I do love Christmas. I love knowing that when the time was right, the Son of the eternal God became a human baby to live on this earth for awhile and then die in order to pay the price to redeem us from the slavery of sin. I rejoice that because of this, we can be adopted into God’s own family simply by accepting what he’s done for us.

I love knowing that this baby is The Word (through whom the world was created in the first place and) who became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth. I love him and love to worship him by singing the choir anthems and other beautiful songs.

But sometimes thinking about carrying out the traditions of celebrating the Christmas season can be overwhelming, especially if we’ve been suffering from some chronic ailment or problem, or just plain busyness.

When I feel overwhelmed, all I want to do is take a nap. But I think that’s okay. Through naps, Christ keeps me going.

Naps are like lying in the arms of my heavenly Father and knowing he understands and cares about my problems and feelings. He infuses me with strength because his grace is sufficient for me and his power is made perfect in my weakness. He lets me know I matter, whether I accomplish much or not.

See Galatians 4:4–5,

Here is some music to listen to while you rest.



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