Meaning of Christmas

The Deep Meaning of Christmas


December 27,2018

What does Christmas mean to you? I mean, the deepest meaning?

For me, it is this: “God took on flesh, born as a man, born to fulfill the heavenly plan. Jesus atoned for all our sins; we can be free and pure and whole within!” And he did this because he loves us.


Below, I thought I’d show you one of the most fun Christmas presents which our kids gave us. My husband has had a bear collection for many years, so when we got married nearly thirteen years ago, I helped him add to it. His kids added to it also now and then. Two years ago, they gave us each a bear this size (5’3″).

For father’s day, they gave him one even bigger (6′). I call him Captain Tiny Slugger. Now this year, they gave him one that can hug a tree and another that holds a solar lantern, and for me one that holds salt and pepper shakers.

Send me a comment and tell me your most fun presents.


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