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I’d like to tell you about the books I’ve had published recently:  

Rescued by God’s Mercy stresses the mercy of God as told about in the book of Isaiah, and tells how God rescued me from “the pit.” I had read in Isaiah 42:22, “This is a people robbed and plundered, trapped in holes with no one to rescue.” I felt like that. When I read these words, I thought maybe God did care about me after all and wanted to rescue me from the mess I’d gotten myself into. When I turned to God, I grew to love the prophetic, evangelical book of Isaiah. I talk in this book about some of the lessons he taught me.

 The Runaway is a short fiction story about a runaway teenager and her mother. The Prophet Isaiah expresses the heart of God about rebellion in these words: “I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me. Even the animals—the donkey and the ox—know their owner and appreciate his care for them, but not my people… They have cut themselves off from my help,” (Isaiah 1:2-4) The purpose of this paperback book is to give an understanding about how God feels when his children rebel, and also to show how he disciplines us in love for our good. It is an expansion of the earlier published ebook of the same name.

Songs and Poems From a Yielded Heart is a collection of the song lyrics and poems I’ve written along my spiritual journey.

Here is one sample poem:

Son of God, My Savior

You paid the ransom with your

blood to set us free.

You welcomed us with open arms and let us be

adopted as your own joint heirs,

protected from the devil’s snares,

sheltered from the world’s worst cares.

Praise God, you ransomed me.

How could I not receive your love? You rescued me.

Deception’s trap had sucked me in; you salvaged me.

Confusion, loneliness and pride

had tried to drive me from your side.

But in your love I still abide.

By grace, you pardoned me.

Futility would be my lot without your love,

without the constant hope of life with God above.

You turned the light on in my soul.

You cleansed from sin and made me whole.

To love and serve you is my goal;

You liberated me!


By Judith Vander Wege

Website: https://judithvanderwege.com

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