Who Needs You?

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A specific song has been going through my mind for days. In the mid-1980s, I fell in love with this meaningful song. It seemed to speak my heart’s feelings to my Savior, Jesus Christ. Anne Murray recorded “You Needed Me” sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. I suppose it was probably intended as a love song and parts of it I have applied gratefully to my husband. But I think, as a whole, the song gives a beautiful picture of Jesus Christ and his love.

What makes a person “need” another person in his or her life? Isn’t it love? Some might say, “I don’t need anyone,” but usually that’s because they don’t feel anyone loves them. They feel they have to go it alone. But they don’t. You don’t. It seems preposterous to think Jesus needs us. But because of love, he does. Jesus wants to be there for each of you, as he was with me. He won’t force himself to be our friend, but he wants us to ask him to. Then he dries our tears, clears away our confusion, buys us back (redeems us) from the slavery of sin, and helps us be the beautiful person we were created to be.

In my book, Rescued by Mercy, I describe a specific time when Jesus appeared to me. “I needed him and he was there.” I was convinced then of his love more than any time before. I was “lost” and he “took me home.” He gave me hope, “turned my lies back into truth again,” accepted me as a “friend.”

I am astounded that Jesus Christ “needs” me. It is only because of his great love for me. The same goes for you.


—Judith Vander Wege, August 2020

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