We Were Bound, Now Redeemed

“In the Fullness of Time”… (when the time was right)… God acted to redeem humans

and make us his children. Since He went to such an extreme to make us his children,

surely He will act again in our time when things look so discouraging. We can trust Him

to work in our nation. He can even bring about good through the political unrest and

COVID problems for His followers (who make up His Kingdom). As Genesis 50:20 tells

us, God can use evil for good.

                “In everything, God works for the good of those who love him,” (Rom. 8:28).

Those who don’t love him can’t claim that promise. In fact, those who don’t believe in

Jesus Christ, whom God has sent, are “prisoners of sin,” (see Galatians 3:22). God

loves them and longs to set them free to believe in Him. That is why He is not yet

taking all the evil out of the world. Taking away all evil would also take away freedom

of choice. Then it will be too late for the prisoners of sin to repent.


I’d like to share my song called In The Fullness of Time. See below.



In the fullness of time, God has sent forth His Son whom the prophets foretold, long-awaited One.

For we were bound deep in our sin, darkness had reigned without and within. We needed light to

lead the way, to set us free, to rule our hearts alway.


God took on flesh, born as a man, born to fulfill the Heavenly Plan. Jesus atoned for all our sins.

We can be free and pure and whole within!

Alleluia, Alleluia.


Judith Vander Wege, 1-22-2021

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