“Praise the Lord…sing to him a new song” Ps. 33:2-3    

The Sovereignty of Christ

You are the mighty King!
Master of everything.
Though you are gentle, you rule over all.
Why do you plead for me?
Why did you bleed for me?
Why bother sending your call.
Your grace has reached me and made me complete,
so I couldn’t resist all the
love you did give.
Now I can worship you,
Lord of the universe,
as in my heart you do live.

Jesus, I love you. I want to obey you and live in a way that will glorify you.
How can I serve you best? Help me to stand the test.
Thank you for making me new.
You are my shepherd and you’re my provider.
You have brought peace to this heart full of strife.
I will obey you, for
you are in charge of me.
You are the Lord of my life.

You are the Lord of my …
You are the Lord of my …
You are the Lord of my life. 


Words and music by Judith Vander Wege sung on CD “Testimony & Praise”
by Judith & Paul Vander Wege, 2007. 

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