Inadequacy to Glory


In my valley, vision is limited. High walls rise on either side.

Mountains impassable, immovable, are barriers

to vistas of inspiration for which I yearn.

I long to ‘Write His Answers,’ but don’t even comprehend the questions.

I cry out for understanding, longing to glorify God

in this inadequate human frame.

Then God speaks to me through his word:

“I have redeemed you … you are precious in my eyes, and honored,

and I love you … everyone who is called by my name, whom I

created for my glory, whom I formed and made,” (Is.43:1, 4 &7, RSV)

Created for your glory? Oh Lord, do you mean me?

What is there I could ever do to praise the Trinity?

The answer to my prayer comes slowly, softly, surely:

“To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles

the glorious riches of this mystery,

which is Christ in you, the hope of glory,” (Col. 1:27, NIV).

“Christ in you is my glory,” my Lord affirms to me.

“Receive my Son and Holy Spirit, then abide in me.”

Cleansed and forgiven by Jesus Christ,

I live no longer by my own power, but by my Lord’s power.

His Spirit is at work in me to perfect the plan of God in my life,

to use me as an instrument of his grace.

Yes, this human frame is inadequate alone, yet Christ in me is God’s glory,

like the breath of a musician empowers a woodwind instrument,

like wind makes wind chimes sing,

like a light within a lantern dispels the darkness.

I glorify God as Christ shines in me and through me,

as his breath empowers me, as he plays his beautiful music through me.

Amen, let it be so!

—by Judith Vander Wege

An instrument of his grace.
An instrument of his grace.

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