Who is Christ?

I like making lists. I feel so organized when I can list things that belong together or have a strong connection with each other and with me. I also admire others who can do this. In my research this week, I found a list among my old folders that has:

36 names of God, 101 names of Jesus, and 31 names of the Holy Spirit. One or more Bible verses where each name is found is listed after the name. Someone did a lot of work. What a treasure!

When we learn who Jesus is, then we can understand better and believe more strongly in what he does.

When Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am” he was claiming to be God. Since God is all-powerful and all-wise, he is able to give us what we need and guide our lives. He will always be present with us and is compassionate. He wants to work through us to release people from captivity to sin and to relieve their suffering.

Jesus is our Savior: “And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son as the Savior of the world” 1 John 4:14. To become our Savior, Jesus (although sinless) died on the cross to pay for our sins and on the third day, he arose; he came back to life. Therefore, Satan no longer has dominion over us unless we choose to let him.

Since Jesus is the Resurrection and the life, we have the hope of eternal life. Since he is the light of the world, He lights our steps and Satan’s darkness cannot overcome the light of Jesus in us and for us.

Jesus is our Way to God, and he also teaches us how to walk the right way, the way most fulfilling to our lives. Like God said in Isaiah 30:21, Your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”

As our Good Shepherd, Jesus takes care of us, provides for us, and protects us. Because he is the bread of life, we don’t need to starve spiritually.

Jesus is also the giver of the Living Water, which is the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent after he returned to Heaven, to be with us. When we thirst for the things of God his Spirit satisfies us.

There are many other names and functions of Jesus, of course. We didn’t mention nearly as many as 101. But I think perhaps the most important is Lord. When we can say truthfully “Jesus is my Lord,” then we are saying, “I believe in him, I will obey him, I trust in him, my life is in his hand.”

Judith Vander Wege

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