I Want to Be His Instrument

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Today I’m repeating a post which was first published in September 2015. I hope you like it. It still expresses my heart’s desire.

Tune me up, Lord.

Bring every part of my being into harmony with your heart and mind.

Play your beautiful music through me to express your love,

drawing others into your heart.

May I, in tune with you, speak healing to the hurting,

proclaim release to the captives,

open the eyes of the blind.

Enable me always to live in harmony with your will and purpose.

Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful privilege of being your instrument.


Music is a big part and joy of my life.

Music is a big part and joy of my life.


5-IMG_3515 6-summer 2011 Judy in yard 170


3-Judy & Paul- sing praise to God2-DSCF22574-2009_12242009Dec00031-DSCF2254

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  1. Paul E. Vander Wege

    God bless you Honey, I love you. Who is that hairy beast sitting at your piano?

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