Holy Spirit Keeps His Instruments In Tune

This is an old article I wrote in 2018, but it is still pertinent.


Tune Me Up, Lord


Dear Lord Jesus, you are my master; I am your instrument.

Tune me up, Lord.

Bring every part of my being into harmony with your heart and mind.

Play your beautiful music through me to express your love,

drawing others into your heart.

May I, in tune with you, speak healing to the hurting,

proclaim release to the captives,

open the eyes of the blind.

Enable me always to live in harmony with your will and purpose.

Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful privilege of being your instrument.



Other than asking him to tune us up, how can we stay in tune with God, the Holy Spirit?

I once read a novel which showed demons busily at work harassing people and trying to get control of them. It made me think how important it is to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. If we are not in tune with Him, evil spirits may get a foothold in our lives. This happened to me many years ago. (I told about it in my book, Rescued By God’s Mercy.)

Of course, we can’t be in tune if we’re not even an instrument. The first step to getting in tune is to become born again (confess sin and turn from it, believe in Jesus as the resurrected Son of God who voluntarily gave his life so we could be forgiven, and invite him into our hearts. Thus we become a “new creation,” (2 Corinthians 5:17). We may then become God’s instruments.

  • Subsequently, we can stay in tune with God’s Spirit by prayer and obedience to God’s Word, and by remaining committed to him. (This can be likened to practicing.)
    • We can talk to God every day confessing all known sins, thanking him for blessings (even those in disguise), and telling him our concerns and needs for ourselves and others.
    • We can praise him (and enjoy him) and trust that he will do what he says.
    • We can ask the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, guiding all our actions and thoughts. Reading Scripture daily, especially the New Testament epistles and Psalms, and applying them to our lives feeds our lives in Christ. Think about what this means for you right now.
  • As we yield to the Holy Spirit in everything he prompts us to do, stay prayed up: confess each known sin, even if it is just a slip of the tongue, and ask forgiveness, the communication stays open between us and God.
  • Then we trust what God says in his word about us and our relationship with him (Jn.1:12, Jer. 31:3.) 
  • All this helps us to stay away from activities that would tempt us to sin.

This is how we stay in tune and the Holy Spirit can use us in his glorious orchestra of believers.

All praise and glory be to God.

Judith Vander Wege

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