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“God is merciful, God loves you and me, God longs for a personal relationship with each of us.”

This is what I tried to convey in my first book: Rescued by God’s Mercy, recently republished by Diamond Media Press. It tells how God rescued me when I felt “robbed and plundered” (see Isaiah 42:22) and restored me to an intimate relationship with himself. Much of the Biblical book of Isaiah, instrumental to my healing, is discussed in the book as well.

My passion is to help hurting people grow into an intimate relationship with God, to experience his love and healing.

Although I’d been a Christian since childhood, I felt God had abandoned me when our marriage died. I’d prayed for the last five years that God would heal our marriage, yet it ended in divorce after 17 years.

In my confusion, anger, and lack of trust in God, I got myself into more of a mess by getting involved with a drug addict and alcoholic whom I thought was recovering, (but he wasn’t.) I thought I could show Jesus’ love to him and “save” him.

One day I read this verse from Isaiah 42:22: “This is a people robbed and plundered,…trapped in holes and hidden in prisons; they have become a prey with none to rescue, a spoil with none to say “Restore!” I felt like I was “robbed and plundered.” Perhaps God did understand me and care for me after all! I realized only God could help me with my grief and turmoil.

We started attending a church called “Hope.” The way they prayed for me warmed my heart and helped me begin to trust God again. At a “sister’s” recommendation, I went to a Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar. There, I heard, “When your heart breaks at the things that break God’s heart, that’s true repentance.” The talks showed me hidden sinful attitudes. Besides the adultery, I realized I was guilty of resentment, bitterness, selfishness, pride, and idolatry. My heart broke when I realized this. When I confessed them to God, he forgave me.

While God restored my relationship with Himself, I became thirsty for the Word of God. As I kept reading it, especially the book of Isaiah, I learned more about what God is like and what he desires for his children. He’s a God of mercy, grace, forgiveness, and redemption and gives peace and joy. Therefore, I want to share that with readers.

The songs and poems in the book also flowed out of my emotions. I would write down my feelings and end with a prayer. That helped me—not only to feel better but to grow closer to God. For instance, in the “Prayer of Confusion,” I had turned to the Lord with my questions, knowing he was the only one who could answer them. When I wrote in the last few lines,

LORD, take control of my inner soul.

Where I am lacking, please make me whole.

Search me and make me true.

For you are the One who gave me life!

Tell me the secret, thus end my strife.

Teach me to live for You!”

That poem was like a turning point. I kept praying it and it helped me grow. 

I had sold around 300 short manuscripts to Christian periodicals, a newspaper, and to several book compilations since 1980, before writing this first book: Rescued by God’s Mercy Here is the link for this book on Barnes & Noble: (.Highlight and click)

(The latest edition has a red cover.)

Later books are Songs & Poems From a Yielded Heart, The Runaway: (A Parable to Show How God Feels About Rebellion), and Blessed Through the Years, A Compilation of Short Stories and Articles. These can also be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Judith Vander Wege

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