Why, Lord, Why?

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 Many of us, when in grief, have asked heart-rending questions. But it is when we ask the Lord Jesus to take control of our lives that we begin to hear the answers we need. This was my prayer out of confusion:

Prayer of Confusion

Will somebody tell me how to live? What is the secret? How do I give?

How do I yield my heart?

Will somebody tell me who I am? Which is the truth and which but a sham?

How did deception start?

What are the answers … I need them now to questions I can’t figure out somehow.

Am I wise or am I a fool? Am I loving or am I cruel?

How do I listen and who will speak? I feel confused and amazingly weak.

LORD, take control of my inner soul. Where I am lacking, please make me whole.

Search me and make me true.

For you are the One who gave me life! Tell me the secret, thus end my strife.

Teach me to live for You!


— Judith Vander Wege

What about you? What questions have you had? Have you learned the answers?

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