Living In the Sunshine

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When many days in a row have been cloudy and dreary and cold, a day of bright sunshine can sure lift a person’s spirits. Likewise, when a person has gone through a lot of depression, a day of inner sunshine can give courage and hope. Years ago when almost every day was dreary, I had a special gift one day—a gift of sunshine. The inner sunshine came after several days of dismal, cloudy weather when the sun shone brightly on our world. This stimulated an attitude of gratitude in me and out burst this song:



Thanks for the sunshine, Lord! You will ever be adored

by us who love your beauty and love to do your will.

Thanks for giving me your Word. Life eternal is assured.

And I will praise your glory by living in the sunshine, Lord.


Then I began to wonder, how can I praise Christ’s glory “by living in the sunshine?” I would appreciate ideas from readers about this. In other words, How can I glorify Christ Jesus? I mentioned an “attitude of gratitude,” and I think that is extremely important. If we can’t thank God for something in our lives, doesn’t that show that we don’t consider him in charge of our lives? or if we do, that we don’t trust him to do what is best? What do you think?

Someone might say “So and so has a sunny disposition.” I suppose that means cheerful, patient, kind, joyful. This sounds like some of the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22, doesn’t it? Would that glorify Christ?

Let’s get a conversation going. How can we intentionally live in the sunshine?

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