My Passion

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images for writing #9To be a good blogger, I’ve been told, you must discover your passion. My intense desire, my passion, is to stay in tune with the Holy Trinity. This is my prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you for being my Savior, for obediently and victoriously carrying out the rescue mission you and your Father planned from all eternity.

Heavenly Father, thank you for adopting me as your child, for providing everything I need, especially grace that is sufficient for every circumstance.

Holy Spirit, thank you that you “guide me continually with your eye upon me,” and comfort and encourage me.

Holy “Three-in-one,” keep me in tune with you. I know you promised no one will snatch me out of your hand. But Satan is so sneaky. Don’t let him pull me away from your heart either. Hold me close to your heart. Let your wisdom always guide my mind that I will know what to do in every situation. My heart’s desire is to do your will— to never fail you again, never disappoint you again, never give a disgraceful slur to your name again.

I praise you, Lord, for your forgiveness and for the peace that passes understanding. Praise you for loving me with a love that will not let me go. You are my life, my abundant life. Thank you for the joy you give even when I am sick or disappointed in circumstances or frustrated. Thank you for the assurance that you are working in all things for my good.

I love you, Lord Jesus; I want to honor your holy name. Thank you Father for giving me a part in the family business. Please help me be more effective in doing my part. I love you, Holy Spirit of Jesus, for your constant presence with me, guiding me, reminding me what He said, helping me understand the Bible and how it applies to my life.

Fill me with your power, Holy Spirit, to fulfill the purpose you have planned for me. I yield my life to you to do your will through me. I yield my writing to you—do with it whatever you wish.

In Jesus name, Amen.






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  1. Linda

    Linda M Ellis 10:23am Mar 25
    Thx so much for sharing! I definitely need to read Isaiah too

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