Hope From a Merciful God (Segment #2 of Rescued by Mercy)



Isaiah is called the evangelical prophet because he preached good news. Do you need good news? Have you ever felt like you were in a mess and didn’t know how to get out? Then you know how I felt.

The book of Isaiah gave me hope. After I read Isaiah 42:22, I realized God understood my situation. I wanted to read more. I grew to love the book of Isaiah as it showed me a merciful God who longed to rescue me from Satan’s trap and draw me into his heart. As I read, like a half-starved person trying to regain her former strength, I began to know the heart of God more intimately. He is not an angry God desiring to punish, but a loving Father, weeping over the estrangement of his children. He agonizes over the consequences his children must suffer as the result of their disobedience.

Isaiah’s inspired words helped me repent and grow into a joyful intimacy with God who forgave me, rescued me, and eventually restored to me what Satan had robbed. Meanwhile, I’d become acquainted with others whom Satan had “robbed and plundered.” I wanted to share with them that God longs to restore us to fellowship with himself, to spiritual and emotional health.

That’s why I write. I want to help readers grow into a more intimate and trusting relationship with God our Father, our Savior Jesus, and our comforter, teacher and guide, the Holy Spirit.

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