Trusting God in Darkness (#7 in Trusting God series)

Have you ever felt forsaken in darkness?                                                                                              

A man stumbled through the snow in the pitch black night. The moon must be covered by clouds, he thought. Does anyone live around here?

He’d stayed with the car quite a while after sliding into the ditch, hoping another car would come along. But now he knew he must keep moving or freeze. Eventually, I may freeze anyway, but I have to at least try to find shelter and help. Dorie and the kids must be worried sick.

Stumbling through the drifts, he panted for air. The cold hurt his chest. I’m not sure I can keep on much longer! Please help me – Someone?

Finally, he reached the top of the rise. He stood up on the top of the hill, turning to face blackness on every side. No, wait! There – there’s a light! Oh, Thank God!

As Peter stumbled down the hill, his hope was renewed. Maybe there really is a God who cares for me!

He finally made it to the farmhouse. The door opened as he stumbled onto the porch.

I thought I heard someone. Here, let me help you. Poor fella, you’re just about an icicle. Come in and get warm.”

Later, warmed by the fire and hot cocoa and hospitality, Peter thanked God and …

(You finish the story, and keep your light shining.) Listen to a song about it by Kathy Troccoli: 

God used a few people as ‘candles’ in my life. Here’s a short poem about my personal experience:

Never Forsaken

Once I walked in darkness, with scarcely a glimpse of light;

Now I walk in sunshine infrequently hidden from sight.


I’m grateful to you for bringing me through the darkness.

The touch of your hand has helped me endure the blackness.

Now, your love for me more clearly I see in wholeness.


—By Judith Vander Wege

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