Now I Can Praise You #18

Blog #18 for August 30

I like to highlight parts of the Bible that are meaningful to me. In my RSV Bible, the entire chapter of Isaiah 12 is bright red with the note, “This is true for me now” dated 4-12-97. I felt, Now I can praise you, By that time, many years after my divorces, I was healthy spiritually and in a different, more loving and stable marriage.

Physically also, I was1much improved after the Lord led me to a doctor in 1993 who is skilled at getting to the root of the problems in chronic illnesses. Besides finding numerous allergies, he discovered through hair anaslysis that I had mercury toxicity and treated it with supplements. He also advised me to have all my dental fillings replaced with composite fillings. After I had that done in 1995, I began a steady, gradual climb to health. The emotional condition of cyclothymia had not yet been diagnosed or treated, so I still had trouble with moods, handling stress, and insomnia, but in comparison to the previous twenty years, life seemed much better. Therefore I could sincerely pray the hymn in these six verses of Isaiah 12:1-6.

 See, God has come to save me! I will trust and not be afraid,

for the Lord is my strength and song; he is my salvation.

 Oh, the joy of drinking deeply from the Fountain of Salvation!”

In that wonderful day, you will say, “Thank the Lord! Praise his name!

Tell the world about his wondrous love. How mighty he is!” 

Sing to the Lord, for he has done wonderful things. Make known his praise around the world.

 Let all the people of Jerusalem shout his praise with joy.

For great and mighty is the Holy One of Israel, who lives among you.

I praise God that the powers of darkness did not destroy me, I praise Him for forgiveness and comfort, for being my strength, song, and salvation. I praise him that the universal church is united, strong, and flourishing in spite of the opposition of those powers of darkness. Now I can “draw water from the wells of salvation.” Out of gratitude, I want to “make known among the nations what he has done,” to proclaim and sing about my glorious Lord. who rescued me by his mercy.



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