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Picture of Redemption, part 2 (#13)

August 14, 2018 (#13 of series)

God ‘s plan of redemption (aka God’s plan of salvation) began with Adam and Eve. It is like a red thread stretching throughout the Bible to tell about the Messiah. From Abraham on, in the Old Testament, several “Types” or foreshadows of Christ are given to help the chosen nation understand who to look for.

Types or Foreshadows of Christ

  • Abraham’s son, Isaac, became a type of Christ when he lay on the altar to be sacrificed by his own father. Abraham trusted God, even though he must have been in anguish wondering why God would ask him to sacrifice his son. An angel stopped that sacrifice, and Abraham was commended for his obedience. This points to a time hundreds of years later when God sacrificed his own son for our salvation.
  • Joseph, son of Jacob, was unjustly sold into slavery by this brothers and unjustly accused of assault, but eventually saved his family and others (from starvation). He forgave his brothers like Jesus Christ forgave his murderers, (Gen.37-50).
  • Four hundred years later, God chose Moses to rescue his people out of slavery. The Passover lamb before the Exodus is a foreshadow of Jesus, our Paschal Lamb who died in our place to rescue us from the slavery of sin.
  •  Another type of Christ in the Old Testament is Hosea, who continued to love even when the beloved one was unfaithful.

It’s interesting to notice the similarities between Moses and  Jesus.

           1. A king wanted both babies killed, but they escaped miraculously,

Ex.1:15–16,  2:1–10/ Matt. 2:13–18).

           2. Both fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights, (Ex.34:28, Matt.4:2).

           3. Each commanded the sea, and it did what they said. (Ex.14:21/Matt.8:26).

           4. In each situation, the Lord provided bread to eat, (Ex.16:15/Matt.14:13–21).

           5. Each one’s face “shone like the sun,” (Ex.34:35/Matt.17:2).

           6. Each met unbelief in his own family, (Nu.12:2/John 7:5).

           7. Each prayed on behalf of those who sinned, (Ex.32:32/Luke 23:34).

           8. Each had seventy to help with the work, (Nu.11:16-17/ Lk.10:1)

           9. Each sacrificed the Passover Lamb, (Ex.12:3, 7–8, 12–13/1Cor.5:7). Moses predicted God would raise up a prophet like himself and they must listen to him. Jesus became the fulfillment of that prophecy (Deut.18:17–19). 

All of these examples help us understand better the salvation God planned. Our Redeemer died in our place. He was mistreated, yet forgiving. His love is everlasting. Then the New Testament explains that:

The reason Jesus rescued us is so he could adopt us as his very own children,


That is mercy! We can trust a God like that!

After my recommitment to Christ, when I was soaking up scriptures like one who’d been in the desert, I began to realize that an intimate relationship with God (Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit), is more important and fulfilling than anything else. The following praise song became one of my favorites: 

Knowing Jesus is what makes life worth living.

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