Elections and Choices

At this moment, we don’t yet know the results of the Presidential election. They are still counting absentee ballots and doing recounts. Plus, there’s a question of possible fraud.

Whichever candidate wins, we Americans will (hopefully) honor and respect the new President, and live within the laws of this country. This is an important election.

However, something much more important needs to be

decided by many. This choice will affect your lives for

now and into eternity.

Moses urged the people of Israel to “Choose life” indicating a choice for the LORD God was a choice for life. His assistant Joshua, later on, urged, after reviewing for the Israelites all God had done for them, “Fear the LORD and serve him in sincerity and faithfulness.” He added:

 “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

So choose—who is your God? is it materialism? socialism? allah? buddha? your own intelligence? other idols or ‘gods’? or will you give your heart’s allegiance to the God who created the universe, who sent his Son Jesus Christ to earth to suffer and die to solve our sin problem; who then rose again in power to live forevermore? This God is the one who will work in everything for good for those who love him and who prepares an eternal joyous place for us who believe in Him.

The great prophet Elijah had a contest with 400 priests of Baal. They failed to get Baal to grant their request to send down fire for their sacrifice. But Elijah’s God, the Lord and Creator of Heaven and earth, granted Elijah’s request in a mighty way. Then the people said, “The Lord, He is God!” so they chose to follow him.

Many people today are following the Triune God: (Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit) because they’ve seen his power. Sometimes God grants wonderful miracles, but more often, and most important, they’ve experienced God’s power to change their own lives to become more meaningful, peaceful, and deeply joyful. Others simply read the Bible and fall in love with Jesus because of His mercy and forgiveness and loving presence.

Choose God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit today. This is the path to life.


Judith Vander Wege

Dt. 30:19, Josh. 24:15, Psalm 16:4, I Kings 18:19-39.

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