Rescued From a Pit

Have you ever felt like you’d slipped into a pit of quicksand and couldn’t get out? I did—but then God rescued me.

My book, Rescued by God’s Mercy, is for sale on Amazon or from my web site.
The back flap says:

“Rescued by God’s Mercy is a heart-filled narrative, explaining how each of us can move into a more intimate relationship with God. It uses the Old Testament book of Isaiah to explain how God longs to restore us to fellowship with himself and give us spiritual and emotional health. Author Judith Vander Wege describes how God showed her mercy when all she felt was a life robbed and plundered. Now she lives with joy and wants every reader to experience the merciful love of God, no matter what they have done.”

  • Also for sale is The Runaway. This short book contains a fiction story illustrating how God must feel when his children rebel. It also contains some discussion of the “Red Thread of Redemption” stretching throughout the Bible.
  • A third book is titled Songs & Poems From a Yielded Heart. Most of these songs and poems were written during restoration of an intimate relationship with God

The back of this third book says, “Judith Vander Wege is a Christian freelance writer/composer and Bible Study leader. She has been published in many Christian periodicals and for a time wrote photo essays for a secular newspaper. Formerly a registered nurse and paraeducator, she earned a BA in music ministry as a senior citizen. She and her husband, Paul, live in Orange City, Iowa. Her passion is to help hurting people find joy in an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to experience his love and healing. Connect with Judith through her website, or email: [email protected].

You can buy these books from Amazon (search by my name and the name of the book (i.e. Rescued by God’s Mercy by Judith Vander Wege) or from me directly. I am offering these books at a discount right now on my web page ($1.00 off each +free postage, or see bundle prices below).

Rescued by Mercy- $6.27                                 Bundle: two for $9 or three for $12

The Runaway-$5.38

Songs & Poems From a Yielded Heart-$5.99

God bless you all. I hope you will follow my blog. I plan to write more blog articles in the future than I’ve been doing, and also posting songs I’ve written.

Judith Vander Wege

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